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I just saw a YouTube advert for this and thought I'd click the link for a laugh. I'm pretty annoyed that YouTube allow advertising medical misinformation, especially given they delete so many videos which they believe to be misinformation, which is often not the case. I've seen the videos doing the following which have been removed for supposedly spreading medical misinformation: exploring studies into potential new treatments, side effects of certain medical interventions and some governments' polices on which medical products are approved or banned. None of the aforementioned were egregious as claiming that earthing the body relieves inflammation.

--- Quote ---The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do… standing barefoot on the earth.

The film reveals that the answer to America’s biggest health crisis may literally be right under our feet. Earthing, also known as “grounding”, means connecting to the Earth. As the film reveals, the surface of planet Earth is negatively charged and when this negative charge is connected to human skin, it reduces inflammation and contributes to other positive health effects.

This is a must watch documentary as it reveals the science of 'grounding' while calling us to connect to the Earth, heal our bodies, and become healthier beings.
--- End quote ---

I haven't signed up to watch the film and have no intention of doing so. The short clip shown in the advert and the above quote from their website are bad enough. I just wanted to vent my frustration at YouTube for accepting money to push this bollocks, when they censor legitimate medical and public health debate.


I've only fairly rapidly skimmed through the movie (if that is the right one).

The thing is, because of concepts like the placebo effect, meditation (perhaps?, when sitting down, outside, barefoot, quietly, to supposedly to get grounded/earthed) like stuff, hence possible stress reduction, could be the real issues involves, in any possible improvement.

Yes, any alleged benefit probably just comes from the placebo effect, most likely as with homeopathy.
I'm not against using the placebo effect. The problem with it is that it requires us to *believe* the treatment is actually known to be effective, and so relies on... lying. I don't know how we could solve this placebo effect conundrum and use it *ethically*. Maybe we can't.

As you said, it's hard to understand what YT's criterions are on what is acceptable placebo and what isn't. I'm willing to bet that it has something to do with the amount of money that is involved, and whether the particular bullshit is on the current "radar" or not. Apparently, "earthing" is not on the general radar at the moment, so it can leak all over the place with no censorship. The reason is quite simple IMO, if it's not on the radar, YT will have no problem relaying it; if it is on the radar, they'll get into trouble so they choose to censor.

We shouldn't want Youtube to censor this sort of cr*p. It is cr*p, utter cr*p, but it is always better to tear cr*p apart with reasoned debate against the substance of its claims, rather than resort to the dirty tactics of censorship and cancel culture. Better to make a mockery of the cr*p which is being pushed, because when something is censored people will find a way to find it anyway, and the fact it has been censored will convince people it is worth listening to*.

*because with so many things which are true being censored in this manner, for example all the professors with genuine empirical expertise warning against lockdown diktats, the impression goes around that "if it wasn't true they wouldn't feel the need to censor it". But once that impression gets out then crap which has been censored gets made to look more plausible by association simply because it joins true content in the category of "this has been censored".

I wish YouTube would be more like Rumble in regards to censorship, that is to say not doing it. There's a fine point to be made by standing up for the rights of all content to be shared freely, and simply letting cr*p perish in the sunlight of open debate. I just wish Rumble actually had content on it beside things produced by people who were being censored elsewhere, it's noble and righteous to host it, but if Rumble wants to be a proper competitor to YouTube it needs to grow in variety of content to also include the kinds of content which aren't controversial** enough to get censored anywhere. And they need to get videos to play when you start them, not hang around for 20 seconds with no sign of response before beginning.

**I mean controversial simply as a matter of being about topics which people get in to arguments about, not "controversial" in the modern meaning of trying to imply something is wrong

The best kind of earthing is where you get hookworms in your lungs because you were walking barefoot in the mud


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