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Hello Everyone, Non Linear Plasma is a start up company looking to revolutionize the space exploration and energy industries by building a power source we can use to protect our craft, propel our craft and sustain life abroad our craft and planet.

Please visit for project and support information and progress update. The website is being updated with graphics from the telegram channel which has lots of visual aids and informatiom to understanding magnetic wave functions and how they work, should you wish to research further. We will hopefully go through many of them in this thread as we explore how Plasma flows inside a star and planet.

The patent pending plasmareactor is looking for crowdfunding support in order to start the R&D required to move new ideas like this forward. The patent has just been published and can be viewed at the link below.

The objective of the plasma reactor is to utilize the Z-pinch effect on the poloidal axis of a plasma toroid, similar to that used in Tokamak fusion reactors. There are 2 major difference between the Plasmareactor and the Tokamax design; this can be found in the utilisation of the poloidal Z-pinch axis, and the method for extracting energy from the plasma. I wont insult your intelligence by telling you how fusion/fission and most power stations generate a pressure gradients to drive steam turbines.

This lead us to the revolutionary way that the plasmareactor extracts energy from the plasma rotating around the toroid. By turning 2 plasma currents (plasma flows like water to produce a current. Do not think electrical current, but apply the same laws) against each other so that the current becomes anti parallel we can produce an explosive pressure gradients from the dense plasma exiting the Z-pinch. Since parallel plasma currents attract, while anti parallel plasma currents repel. This is simply Coulomb's law applied to a plasma medium. As mentioned the pressure gradient produced by this non linear interaction between plasma currents can be "explosive" as you can read about in this paper, should you not believe me. Here is a link and quotes from the paper....

"when it is just before the nonlinear rapid growth phase"

"It was found that the magnetic island grows explosively with changing its structure and the localized plasma current"

The explosive growth in the plasma medium of the Plasmareactor will be feed into the turbine blade section between the internal rotating sphere, and the stationary external sphere. The kinetic energy from the rotating output shaft can then be used to generate electrical power. The common question asked is; where does the energy come from? I will provide this recent paper to help explain how our planet generates energy to over come the drag produced by the solar wind on our planets magnetic wing.
I call it a wing because our planet is sailing around our star. If you know anything about airplanes or sail boats you will even see that the bowshock has an angle of attack to it. Tidal effects result from the pressure gradients produced by the magnetic wing, our understanding of gravity is all wrong. That doesnt matter here tho because engineers are only interested in how that information can help us build the future. Focus on the efficiency of energy extraction between fusion and Non Linear Plasma; how much input energy is need to generate the required pressure gradient to turn the generator? The Non Linear Plasma Reactor has no need to compress plasma to the point of fusion, reducing input energy drastically. Combined with the pressure gradients produced in a similar manner to the polar jets of a black hole, the plasma reactor will have no problem powering our civilization to the next level.

A quick look at the magnetic structure of the Sun as it changes from solar minimum to solar maximum will provide you with enough details to know that this is a serious project with serious goals. I will remind everyone that the scientific community has no working model for this process because they dont even have an idea to try, and NASA freely admits that this is ongoing research.

In the attached images of the 2 magnetic field structures between solar min & max, we can see that the Phase alignment between the quadrupoles of each toroidal plasma flow is changing between NSNSNS for solar min and NSSNNS for solar max. During solar maximum the like quadrupole repel each other forcing the field lines out of the star above and below the equator, this creates a similar magnetic set up to what is called the Penning trap. A design that won the inventor a Nobel peace prize. While during solar minimum the alignment of the quadrupoles produce what is called the plasma squatter man, where the plasma flows from the south pole to the north pole via the z pinch. We know that the sun rotates slower at the polar regions on the surface so this understanding of quadrupole alignment changing periodically can easily be demonstrated by a decent model. Or even inside your head if you can understand 3 dimensional motion.

I can only upload 1 attachment at a time, since they are worth a thousand words, i will upload a few. Apologies.

This is the quadrupole set up inside Earth. Important to understanding the future magnetic change of our planet. Slightly longer time scale than the Sun, most scientific literature would say its on a 12000 year cycle

Stars, Planets and even Moons form from plasmoids in the magnetotail of the parent object. You're  welcome to believe the moon managed to land in orbit while the Earth was travelling in a 1.1° helical orbit around the galactic plane, but i perfere looking at things logically. The plasmoid is the mechanism for "gravitational collapse" in star formation.

Tidal effects are the result of density changes under the magnetic wing as it manipulates the solar wind. This process is almost identical to an airplane wing. Which again NASA admits that all current theorys on why can be proven wrong.


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