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How about whatever this thing claims to do?

Looking at this photo, it to me looks like it passes Ground and the Datalines through, but has a groundspring going to the case from the 5V  rail :wtf:

Snake oil refers to what the American Medical Establishment dubbed sellers of Lugol's solution a century ago to make competitive war against their product and denounce them as quacks.

Now, you can buy Iodoral on Amazon which is a lot less irritating to the stomach lining. Another alternative is to watch the video playlist on the YouTube channel called, DMSOI, which refers to the loose chemical combination of nascent iodine and DMSO.

BTW, Lugol's came in handy in Poland immediately after the Chernobyl disaster since they were down-wind and their government didn't possess, or couldn't distribute fast enough, potassium iodide tablets to their population to prevent reproductive mutations among their future generations as well as radiation poisoning among their current constituents. So, instead, their government issued an emergency relief message to their population telling them to use the Lugol's in their medicine cabinet since most Poles had this product already.

BTW, again...
The American Medical Establishment also made war upon the public's use of silver within that same time period (around the 1920s). It is incomprehensible to myself how ignorantly gullible is most everyone on the topic of argyria which is what doctors use to scare people into avoiding silver usage.

I know for a fact that simple REDOX explains the lie that argyria is not curable (ie, permanent).

For, hydrogen peroxide loses one hydrogen atom upon reacting against nano-sized particles of silver generated in over-abundance by a colloidal silver generator to a point of concentration way beyond a few parts per million reaching upwards beyond several parts per thousand until a murky, muddy solution of silver results. This is then reacted against food grade, hydrogen peroxide (an ounce per gallon or two of murky silver water) and repeated a few times while constantly stirring for several hours until no more effervescence results. The result is a clear solution, as clear as is distilled water, yet at a concentration of silver which would have otherwise given its user argyria had the hydrogen peroxide not interceded, on behalf of the user, to make silver into a bioavailable nutrient capable of stimulating stem cell activity and the regeneration of the physiology.

A girl on YouTube had argyria all over her body, but she was mostly concerned with her face. I admitted to her that I didn't know how to advise her since she possessed no bathtub to soak in several ounces of food grade hydrogen peroxide to bleach her argyria away. Yet, she figured it out on her own. She took a facial clay, added water and dilute hydrogen peroxide to soak her face and managed to bleach away all of her facial argyria. Next, a friend of hers gave her a bathtub so she could treat the remainder of her body. End of problem...

Nowadays, I don't use such a bioactive silver. I simply do what the American pioneers did during the 1800s when they trekked across America. They put silver dollars into their canteens. I do something similar... I purchase silver wire of the type dedicated to the replacement of worn out electrodes of colloidal silver generators. It is sold on Amazon for nearly $2 an inch. I roll it into a pancake coil, or else I fold it a few times and curl the ends with a conical needle nose pliers, and lay these into all of my beverage containers, mugs, water bottles, etc, to leach a scant quantity of silver ions into the beverage over a period of a few days before I use the beverage (or else I'll drink it, immediately, as in the case of making hot tea or cocoa, etc) paying extra attention to not swallow the small coils by mistake...;-)

If I didn't keep up this use of silver on a daily basis, I'd be in tremendous pain from three necrotic roots of teeth embedded in my jaw causing their infected necrosis to spread throughout the immediate vicinity of my jawbone. Two dentists wanted to take them out, yet, put a bunch of stuff in at a cost from $10k to $30k and without any guarantee that they won't have to go in at a later date to redo their deteriorating handiwork. I opted to find my own solution...

Or, restated...

What is the correct equation for the reversal of time in an overunity circuit? (Not this equation...)

...because this differential equation occurs as the result of a discharging capacitor.

But what if time reversal has occurred?

Then we won't have to scratch our collective heads over the obvious question, "From where does the current come in an overunity circuit?" This is exampled in the following circuit (simulated in LTSPICE and over-simplified for the purposes of this discussion beyond the practicality of building it exactly as shown ;-) ...

Time reversal is a much more elegant solution to "free energy" anomalies since we won't be worrying about the impossibility of the conservation of energy being violated. Instead, we'll be considering the possibility of macroscopic tunneling (analogous to quantum tunneling) explaining apparent negative resistance. Or else, we'll be defining Feynman's anti-particles as time-reversed electrons. This latter interpretation opens up the ontological question, "Is either particle an absolute frame of reference: forward-time electrons or backwards-time electrons; particles or anti-particles?" This elicits a parallel statement in which, "entropy is a matter of perspective", or... in which direction of time do we assume is "a priori" over the other?

The Berkeley SPICE family of simulators (its various commercial variants, such as: LTSPICE, Micro-Cap, etc) are capable of simulating the exponential damping of a wave just as they are capable of simulating its exponential rise... example of LTSPICE simulating a voltage-dominant apparent overunity of wattage (more output compared to its input).

If time-reversal is very simple, but not necessarily easy, in an electrodynamic environment (by simply separating the magnetomotive force from the electromotive force by a phase shift of 180°), then we can bring to a long-overdue halt our tendency to relegate all electrical anomalies of overunity as having nothing to do with our previous assessment (of long-standing legacy) in which we assumed that such anomalies are predicated upon... "more energy results from a circuit by comparison to the input of energy which provoked this anomaly" supposedly violating the conservation of energy. Instead, we'll have to rephrase our objection into the more neutral perspective that... "less energy terminates the reversed-time behavior of any particular component of a circuit, by comparison to its energy state beforewards, whenever that component is generating negative watts".


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SPICE is well known for producing improbable and/or unrealistic results due to its limitations.

It is NOT a real world simulator, it is a circuit development AID.

You can't cheat the laws of thermodynamics, despite a seemingly endless line of kooks and con-men trying to claim otherwise.


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