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I'm happy for you. You are not in danger of an energy collapse  ;)


--- Quote from: total-selena on July 10, 2023, 11:59:10 am ---
--- Quote from: Kim Christensen on July 09, 2023, 10:30:58 pm ---There is no "free" energy. We need to use the energy that the environment provides us. This is why I don't understand the rightwing hatred of wind/solar/tidal energy. Why ignore sources of energy that can replace or supplement our finite supplies of oil? If you can burn 1 barrel of oil to make a wind/solar/tidal plant that can produce more energy than just burning that 1 barrel of oil, why wouldn't you do so?

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In order to get 1 watt from solar panels, you must first spend 10 watts of oil in production and logistics. That's the problem. Solar panels are low resource fun.

And free energy generators are real devices, and they are the future. In 1000 years your opinion will change. :)

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The solar panels will keep on producing that 1 watt for decades, long after you have burnt those 10 watts worth of oil.
In any case, watts by themselves are meaningless.
You need to use "watt-hours.

Sorry, in 1000 years, my opinion will be the same------dead people are rather "set in their ways". ;D


--- Quote from: TimFox on July 10, 2023, 01:38:59 pm ---Free energy violates a general rule of the universe that you cannot win.

--- End quote ---

There's "free" energy out there, depending on how you define the word "free".

Usually you have to define it as "free for me", eg. harvesting radio energy from WiFi. The energy is there but somebody else is paying for it.

Yes, you can harvest radio waves from outer space but that's a fools errand compared to using solar panels. You'll get microwatts at best by doing that (look how big radio telescopes are!)

The only realistic "free" energy is from nuclear reactions and from places where energy is moving around the solar system, eg.
* Solar radiation
* Kinetic energy from the movements of solar bodies (tides)
* Local effects like wind

You could argue that digging up previously-stored energy like coal/oil is "free" but that's a path we're trying to avoid.


--- Quote from: total-selena on July 10, 2023, 01:40:53 pm ---By understanding real physics, the generator can be soldered in one day.
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That's great! Please solder one and send it to Dave.

And what about a great Sonic boiler

Boiling of electrolyte at temp. ~ 70°C results in the generation of steam at temp. ~ 100°C what gives max. temp. on boiler outlet: ~ 70°C. The process is immediate, which makes that the SONIC boiler optimally cooperates with all systems: with floor warming, radiator, and combined systems.

Makes sense  :-DD


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