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Title: Third party Maglite Tail Switch
Post by: @rt on December 11, 2018, 07:08:53 am
I’m so pissed!

Maglite Mini Pro tail cap is on the left, and the aftermarket tail cap that provides a tail switch on the right.
Can you see the problem already?

The original Maglite has both threads coated so that leaky batteries don’t corrode the tail cap closed.
It only makes connection through the very end of the tube.
The third party thing I got today can’t possibly work unless the inside of the Maglite thread in the body is worn badly.

This is very difficult to do on purpose, so I taped up the switch tail cap assembly and started sanding with paper bent around a steel ruler.
While doing that, the Maglite body rolled of the table and dinged up the open end of the body. It’s literally a few days old.

I’ll likely get a refund on the switch part, but dinged up a new Maglite Mini Pro in a matter of days before even using it.
It will have to be further messed with to get either tail cap to screw in. Don’t buy!

Aside from being useless, and poorly designed, it’s an impressively high quality piece of kit (seriously).

Title: Re: Third party Maglite Tail Switch
Post by: nsd_c on December 29, 2018, 03:30:52 am
I have an older Maglite (non-pro variant--the kind that uses Xenon(?) bulbs) on which the factory cap is more like the one on the right: no anodizing on the threads. I had batteries leak in it and it was extremely difficult to remove the cap. So, that aftermarket cap isn't complete crap: it will work with older (or perhaps all non-pro?) mini Maglites.