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This 5G conspiracist taking EMF readings thinking it is the same as nuclear.

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News flash, magnetism and radio waves are not the same as radiation. There will be some radiation right in front of the transmitter, but down on the ground it will be almost nothing extra compared to background.

Also the 6GHz band and beam forming hasn't even yet been added to 5G and probably won't be till 6G. The only difference between 4G and 5G is the old retired frequencies from 1G and 2G were added for more speed.

He also has a lot of other wacky conspiracy videos on his YouTube and I see him posting on Facebook but I didn't want to share that here since you need an account to view it. Here is his website though:

Nominal Animal:

--- Quote from: on September 13, 2022, 04:55:33 pm ---News flash, magnetism and radio waves are not the same as radiation.
--- End quote ---
You mean "the same as ionizing radiation".

Electromagnetism, including radio waves and light, is definitely radiation.  Ionizing radiation is the "dangerous" kind, because it ionizes atoms and molecules and can thus damage tissues and DNA.  Non-ionizing radiation can heat up materials if sufficiently intense (via dielectric heating – depending on both the material and the frequency/wavelength), and that heat can be damaging if localized or persistent enough.

Of electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet light and shorter wavelengths – so higher frequencies than say 5 PHz (5,000,000 GHz) – are ionizing, but lower frequencies at sufficient intensity can still heat up dielectric materials like polar molecules.  As an example, microwave ovens typically work at 2.45 GHz or 915 MHz, but when properly constructed (and remember, these are very high-power devices, compared to any RF antenna setups!) a perforated foil in the window is sufficient to keep it localized within the oven chamber.

So, when we talk about the possible health impact of radio waves up to the terahertz range, we really are only concerned with the exact wavelengths and intensity, and how much heat it can induce in biological tissues (and other materials, I guess).  At the energies actually used, we can say that you might not want to embed a cellphone or WiFi antenna in your skull, but keeping it a foot away from your head (and gonads) most of the time should be safe.

I would love to see more research on how "hot" a spot at a specific distance from an beamforming array is achievable, because we know anything built by humans can fail in spectacular fashion; but given the total power and size of current arrays, I'm not worried.

As usual, the nutjobs get their nut-fuel from the little kernels of truth: here, that beamforming is still new technology, and some aspects, especially the maximum energy density at hot spots, are still being worked out.  (Most teams are still trying to find ways of creating those hot spots efficiently.) Even the aluminium foil thing is based on the fact that any conductive foil, even if very very thin, suffices to block most RF radiation; even rebar in concrete buildings (which could be considered a "foil" with huge, square-feet sized holes in it) is often sufficient to block cellphone and WiFi antennas.

(The text in the attached image, is just :palm:.  In particular, most high-performance computing clusters, and a lot of servers I've worked with, use fiberoptic cables for network communication.  If you use TOSLINK S/PDIF cables, you use fiberoptic (plastic!) cable for transferring sound (in digital format).  No cellular towers involved... Fiberoptic cables do not "power" anything, they are just a way to transfer data.)

Me, I'd worry more about drinking water from plastic bottles or cups every day right now.. but not nearly as much as for example refined sugar intake.  That stuff is poison.

Also - and I'll bet this has been pointed out before - 5G is still less energetic than VISIBLE LIGHT.
Near the end of the video he approaches the bottom of the tower and comments he can hear a hum. It is the unmistakable 60Hz hum of a big transformer. Then freaks out about how high the EMF meter has gone. What do you expect standing next to what is essenciallty a giant electromagnet running on AC? EMF means Electromagnetic Frequency.


--- Quote from: MikeK on September 13, 2022, 06:54:57 pm ---Also - and I'll bet this has been pointed out before - 5G is still less energetic than VISIBLE LIGHT.

--- End quote ---

But sunlight can cause skin cancer :-DD

(To cover my back, the lol is not to the fact that skin cancer is caused by sunlight, it is because people might think it is just the sunlight and forget that it is the invisible part of it that is the actual cause)


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