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This needs a Dave Debunking



I see so much wrong with this right out of the gate, but I really want to hear what Dave has to say without coloring his perspective with my own opinion.

Yes, my account is brand new; long time lurker, first time poster.

I don't see any problem here (except maybe efficiency issues).

The wording is stupid but they're making H2 for fuel cells as well as forming bicarbonate with hydrogen and water (and CO2 of course). They aren't claiming free energy or anything.

Agreed. It's perfectly reasonable.

Bizarrely enough, I was have a conversation last night with someone about CO2 production. You may know that Coca-Cola ran out of CO2 in the UK recently. There's a pecking order for the use of CO2: medical, animal slaughter and then food/beverages.

It's worse than that, Warburton's has had to halt crumpet production!  :scared:

Say it isn't true!

We're all doomed. :(


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