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Just saw a video with Thunderf00t receiving a Morus thanks to one of his supporters/viewers and he said he agreed to pay for the delivery which is really nice.

Unfortunately only on Youtube:
Morus Zero: ULTRA BUSTED!!!

28 May 2022  252,458 views  Up: 20K Down 111

That good I remember the last time I checked he had more thumbs down than that unless the Dislike extension isn't reporting it accurately due to the change where Youtube announced it was being removed from the api and have to rely on their own resources or is it it only includes those who have the extension.

So the "space" vacuum thing is a lie.

No water is collected in the tray but it just sucks air through and blows the humidity out at the back.
Credit Thunderf00t Morus Zero: ULTRA BUSTED!!! 6:42

The diagrams seems honest but I wonder is that material listed in the kickstarter campaign.

Nope I can't find anything on their page:

I had look at their IndieGogo campaign and images on Google which shows cad images of the casing but can't find it but thanks to Thunderf00t I found that interesting.

Quite interesting video; I vaguely recall this product but, having some knowledge about vacuum applications in the industry, I didn't put much credit to it and forgot about it.

Interesting how quackery is sophisticated these days: they even have a nice website that gives the impression things are going really well - surely negative feedback should be popping up here and there, no? At any rate, their return policy is a minefield of trick words such as "conditional return" that seem to prevent one from freely returning the unit for simply not doing its advertised job.

Perhaps thunderf00t should have instead opted for the "free shipping" they offer in the US...  :-DD


Revolutionary vacuum+

--- Quote ---Thunderf00t 23:23:  there is a vacuum in here but it is minuscule
--- End quote ---

Dehydration technology:bullshit:

--- Quote ---16:29 but all that humid it's noticeably humid
in here so that's actually in 15 minutes got all but
15 grams of the water off
which is not so bad but it feels like florida
in a bloody heat wave here at the moment
so i think what i'll do next is i'll
just get the human i'll get a humidity meter
okay so maybe rather surprisingly it
will actually dry a t-shirt in about 15
minutes single t-shirt but the way that
it does that is by pumping the water
straight out into the room
and to demonstrate that here i've got my
humidity data logger which says the
humidity is currently 41.5 percent so
let's get this guy going
and what do you reckon the humidity of
the air coming out the back of this uh
ventless dryer is and because it's
ventless there's no need for complicated
pipe setups or installation well let's
take a look shall we so let's just
rotate him around
--- End quote ---

This "ventless" design. I don't see it in the marketing materials other than it spoken in the videos and the youtube description.

Morus Zero | Ultra-fast countertop tumble dryer for any home
Best Crowdfunding Campaigns
10 May 2019  44,830 views Up: 547 Down: 111

--- Quote ---1:49 around and because it's ventless there's
1:51 no need for complicated pipe setups
--- End quote ---

Joke: What I think they mean is it doesn't need an outside vent as they intended it or by design to fill the room up with moisture with the room being both, the "Dehydration technology" and "Revolutionary Vacuum" they they "trademarked" where the room has to be airtight for the clothes to dry quickly.

Here we go again SMART

--- Quote ---Plug in, press "Start" and relax"
--- End quote ---

That could be done anyway with many washing machines and dryer and I see them have quick washes so it is timed.

Dehydration technology and Vacuum technology (Kickstarter)

That is another word I am beginning to hate. I remembered some years ago being told when trying to buy stuff on a few occasions,  it's got this "technology" and that "technology" and when I ask how does it do it and how does it work they said either they don't know or couldn't tell me and to speak to the manufacturer.

I had a few people challenge me in the past with this buzzword. They would talk about the "modern technology" literally the words, that they had been shown on their visit without no understanding of how it works and even checking whether we already had this functionality with our other equipment and what other things we may need require before they purchased them. This person said to me this thing has "much better technology" than your stuff because it is more "modern". I looked at the stuff and tried to explain that what they were buying lacked the features and functionality of what we already had with the existing equipment and to take it back and a few times I get a reply "I don't care we're using this instead ". When it doesn't work too good they turn around blame the workers using it. Thankfully I wasn't the one using the tools on a number of occasions.

Amazingly in-depth. I will have to check out more of his videos.

I wonder what's the percentage of projects put up on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and that turn out to be complete bullshit? ::)


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