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Hi All,

First posting to the forum but I've been watching and learning for 52 years so please be gentle with me!

Came across this product on line:

Basically it's a mains plug magsafe adapter.

This seems to be unwise at best. However I could be wrong and this could be perfectly safe?

What do you (and Dave if he's hanging around) think about this?

Safe or Scarey?

Kind Regards

Simon Zerafa

Nice for low voltage applications but not for mains. I doubt it would be compliant with safety standards in many countries, i.e. another deathdapter. For example, PE/earth should be connected first when plugging in and disconnected last when tugging. From the pictures it's hard to tell if there's a PE contact at all. Maybe the magnet in the middle?

They're not going to work as well if you trip over the cord closer to the appliance - and even when they do disengage, there's usually a sharp tug involved which means the cable is going to whip around, possibly doing other damage or tripping up the wayward feet

However, there's an even bigger concern in my book - cables should not be in a state where tripping is a significant risk.


--- Quote from: Brumby on April 06, 2018, 03:12:08 pm ---However, there's an even bigger concern in my book - cables should not be in a state where tripping is a significant risk.

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  How is this a big problem that needs to be solved with a $20 product on each plug?  Dosn't this just encourage people to aggressively yank whatever cable they want because they're too lazy to walk over and pull it out properly?  Only to find out when it doesn't work that you didn't have a tugsafe on this plug and you've ripped it apart?


It is a sad reflection that there seems to be a increasing trend to come up with creative solutions to compensate for an ever decreasing sense of responsibility, where people fail to make any effort in observing some fundamentally obvious risks - and then have to blame someone else when something goes wrong.

The coffee cup warning is a classic.


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