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Voltbox, what's inside?

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This is obviously a scam but does anyone know what it contains? It seems to contain a capacitor.

It's a single ended thing (rather than in-line with the supply) so it can only be a capacitor. Maybe a (hopefully) Class-X L-N capacitor, maybe some Y caps to Earth. Maybe a MOV. Maybe even just a resistor and LED.

Almost certainly less than the above though. Probably embarrassing inside.

EDIT: I thought it looked familiar, it looks like this one that Big Clive did a teardown on. Maybe they're selling them as 'power cleaners' as well as 'power savers'.  ::)

I wonder how good business this is? The thing is that you pay for active energy. Eventhough you make sure you have cos phi = 0 it will cost you the same.

There will always be suckers out there. Yes modern electricity meters measure actual power, as opposed to the old rotating disc ones that used to run on 'apparent' power'. I did hear tails that with enough capacitance, you could get those meters to spin backwards. I don't know if that was true, it would certainly slow them down though. I do remember a small spate of fires in the UK (probably '70s / '80s) caused by inexplicably large metal clad oil filled capacitors connected across the mains in certain housing areas.

This thread really ought to get moved to the 'Dodgy Technology' section. In fact there is an existing thread there on a similar looking 'device' - It's hard to say how the internals vary within these Chinese off-the-shelf enclosure mouldings. I suspect that in most, the LED driver is the main component count though....

EDIT: It looks as if Voltex has become Voltbox, or it's a clone.




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