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A couple of months ago, this was in the conspiracy theory newspaper which I get. I thought I'd put it here on the forum to complement the funny anti-5G leaflet I posted a while back.

I rather like the quote: I cannot go into the garden for more than 10 to 15 minutes, even while wearing a full protective suit made of anti-5G fabric.

I wonder what 'anti-5G fabric' is?

"The Light is an independently distributed truthpaper, exposing corruption and crimes by governments, corporations and individuals."

Why even bring that garbage here?

It is not dodgy technology, it is just a low grade tabloid for idiots. And it looks like they are out of business already.

It's not even low grade tabloid, it's a conspiracy nutjob rag from the front to back page that's been made to look like a newspaper, every page will have some utter nonsense, anti-vax, 5g, flat earth, BS and the adverts are all for nonsense 'therapies' or 'anti' whatever garbage the nutters have come up with now.

The most disconcerttng bit?

It's funded by nutters buying a pile of them to distribute and/or sell on so one of your neighbours is a wackjob.


--- Quote from: steve30 on June 25, 2022, 03:05:12 am ---A couple of months ago, this was in the conspiracy theory newspaper which I get.

--- End quote ---

Eek, you're not paying for that are you?

What does the front page look like?
Who's the publisher?
Do people pay for ad space in that nonsense paper?

I wonder if those retarded judges who sit on the US Supreme Court have not only read this piece of shite but also consider every shite word as "credible evidence"?


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