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What are your favourite worthless auction phrases?

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Who's up for a bit of poking fun at auctions?

My personal ones are:

"Pulled from a working environment"
"Powers on, unable to test further" (double value for a test equipment seller)
"Used but sold-as-is" (what part of 'parts not working' don't you understand)
"Used, in good condition" (with a failure code shown in the photo)

What else have you seen?

Personally I vote for the "Pulled from a ..." as the all-time most worthless phrase.


"May be good source for parts"
Because trying to trick you into not thinking "May be bad source for parts", and give them an out if it's been fried by a voltage surge.

"Was working before being put into storage"
Implies it isn't working after being dig out.

Not exactly a phrase, but I find it annoying when something with a display screen is listed as "works perfectly" but none of the photos even show it powered on.

My favourite peeve - blurry photos, especially when all you get is just just one blurry photo.

Not showing the back of the instrument, where there could be a lot of options, or you could decide if it is a 110V or 230V equipment.
Or worse, showing the back, and all the options have been stripped out, leaving gaping holes.


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