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What are your favourite worthless auction phrases?

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'Barn find' for any old rusty piece of crap that a seller has dredged up out of whatever swamp they live near.

'Vintage' yeah, whatever, I don;t ghive a toss if it's old or new, if I want it then that word has no meaning.

'Rare', usually applied to items which sold in tens if not hundreds of thousands so it's not 'rare' at all.

'working but sold as spares & repairs only because of screwdriver experts' Usually applied to old radio gear and a pretty sure fire indicator that it's a piece of crap that's had more people in it than the workers in a brothel.

'Widebanded' see above.

'an easy fix for someone who knows what they're doing', again, see above but also means 'everyone I know has had a go and buggered it up even more'

'haven't got time to fix it', same again.

Stray Electron:

--- Quote from: Tony_G on March 30, 2018, 11:55:41 pm ---
--- Quote from: grumpydoc on March 30, 2018, 04:35:48 pm ---We found it amusing (and pretty obvious) that vendors who had obviously acquired a job lot of some particular item had two piles on sale - "tested and working" and "untested".  :)

--- End quote ---

Exactly. Any equipment offered by a T&M vendor that is marked "untested" should really be considered:

* Broken
* Scavenged of rare/expensive bits
* Both

--- End quote ---

   All of the above = Tucker Electronics.   Look at one of their REAL test equipment catalogs one day.  Everything that they sell on E-bay is the leftover junk that should have gone into the trash dumpster.


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