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what can I say. qte:electrified wire coils and recording any emitted sounds


California medical board is threatening to revoke the license of Dr. William Edwin Gray III for selling homeopathic sound files
"vials of homeopathic remedies (like water) in electrified wire coils and recording any emitted sounds"


--- Quote from: GreggD on May 27, 2018, 05:52:39 pm --- threatening to revoke the license of Dr. William Edwin Gray III

--- End quote ---

Threatening????  |O  :-//  For EBOLA????  :scared:  :palm:

That should be direct instant revocation.
He will be directly, deliberately, knowingly responsible for multiple deaths if he makes 1 single sale to 1 wrong individual.

I never thought I'd see anything more dangerous than those cowboys who got locked up for selling those ADE-651 fake explosives detectors - It just goes to show, there's always someone willing to plumb deeper depths!  :palm:

Nominal Animal:
Doesn't "the law of infinitesimals" mean that repeating those sounds (by blowing a raspberry, say) would be even more potent?  :-DD

This guy is an amateur when it comes to dangerous quackery.

Andrew Wakefield knew how to do it right (He of the whole MMR scaremongering thing, done for profit).
That mans quackery is KNOWN to have killed kids.

Regards, Dan.


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