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what do you think about PMMG4HYBRID?

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There's a guy on youtube making different types of self sustaining  machines, do you believe in his inventions??
Youtube channel:

The answer to this is always no.

Interesting. The premise of the devices is BS, of course. But the presenter appears to be well spoken and videos are not filmed in the corner of the barn with no lighting. I foresee good sales of snake oil.

He is clearly not insane, so he is just a crook. Takes the fun out of it.

I just skipped though some recent videos. What can I say, pretty crude stuff. Like measuring DC voltage on AC range for a very short time, and claiming that value that was read actually means anything.

I totally recommend watching if you want a laugh or two.

Comments nuder videos are hilarious. A bunch of hippies are trying to figure out how this technology will end hunger on the planet :)

Interesting, this appears to be a silicon-graphite powercell which utilises a thermoelectric effect. Therefore ambient heat is used create electricity. In some sense of the word, this "works", but is not really free energy - since the energy is provided by whatever is heating the ambient air.

The products offered by Quanta Magnetics are expensive, and seem to have unnecessary "woo" features added possibly to add cost, but also appeal to free energy crowd (e.g. a Bedini "generator", "Schumann Resonance").

The problem with this type of technology is that is impractical because of the cost per Watt, and doesn't scale. You can extract 50W from a typical room without noticing it, but if you tried to extract kW then it becomes huge and expensive, and also of course you need to provide additional heating.

Cannot get electricity from ambient heat unless you have a handy source of cold (In which case you just use a classical Carnot cycle heat engine, nothing to see there)!

Snake oil galore.

Regards, Dan.


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