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What's inside 2.1 Logitech speakers

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I wonder if there is a secret club of EE's who are tasked with purposely designing these horrible speaker systems.

Sweat shop who are sitting with a manager who wants them to cut cost by 0.1c for every iteration of the board, and also cut cost by 1c for every revision of the mechanical, plus buy the cheapest parts.

Yeah they're horrible but I don't see what's dodgy about it, other than how he nearly cuts his fingers off several times. Some people don't care about sound quality and don't want to pay a lot of money or have large boxes taking up space, so these crappy but cheap systems serve a purpose. At least it comes with a sub.

my ears ! and not because of the speaker ... well, not the logitech speaker ...

Disappointing and deceptive coming from Logitech.

What a scam:

Wouldn't it be better and cheaper just to leave it alone than to misrepresent it with fake speakers.


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