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What's your 'useless movie trivia' Tech Related only, please


I'm watching REAL GENIUS, circa 1985, and noticed they were hacking some system.   Dropped a '4k' PROM IC into zif socket...sloppy not seated.   Course, only an electronics nerd would notice:   "DUDE;   that PROM is not making proper contact, ", leaning way over, while he closes the ZIF socket clamp.
   While that's pretty good 'trivia' it's pretty much specialized, for those of us who have burnt in programs, 1982'ish.

The movie PULP FICTION is loaded with that sort of hard to catch trivia:  (likely on purpose).
Like the 'pop tart' scene,  Bruce Willis ready with grease gun, as Travolta emerges...
   'schhhittc,    and Willis releases a 'few' caps, instinctively.   Had never noticed that was a Pop Tart, a bit of a double-pun...(Movie title Pulp Fiction is a rip-off, that they would be covering social icons).
   Pop Tart inventor passed away earlier this year.

   What's your 'trivia' , hopefully technology related ?


Andy Chee:
Evidently the exploit that Trinity uses in The Matrix Reloaded, is real.


--- Quote from: Andy Chee on June 24, 2024, 05:57:50 am ---Evidently the exploit that Trinity uses in The Matrix Reloaded, is real.

--- End quote ---
"Resetting" is spelled incorrectly. Definitely a fake.

   History Channel 2024 production of 'Megatrends in Industry' has a show covering the Early Introduction of the revolutionary TRANSISTOR:

    Cheap cheap production props.   Showed an obviously modern Switching Power Supply assembly with all modern looking Molex connectors and giant caps.   When the narrator turned the unit over...several 8-pin IC's visable.
THAT wasn't a 1963 picture!
Cheap assed documentary producers.  (2024).

   Same thing later, as they showed a 'header' being soldered, having, like 30 in-line pins.  Along with more dual in-line IC packages.
I guess the producers couldn't find much stock video sources, of early circuit boards being built.  (Lazy).

The "pumping" of the circuit breaker in Jurassic Park is realistic, as is the "advanced" UI on the UNIX computer. The construction of the electric fence, however, means that a person hanging onto the fence as seen in the movie would not get zapped.


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