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Found on everyone's favourite crapvendor web site, a plug that any child, or possibly even a sufficiently clever pet, should be able to pop open to expose live mains wiring:

Look at how convenient it is, you just flip up the plastic cover, slide the wires into the plasticky Wago-like connectors, and without having to bother with awkward stuff like strain relief or screws to secure it closed you've got a mains plug ready to go.

It's kind of like a poor man's Safeblok/Quicktest. A very poor one...

I wouldn't trust many manufacturers who would make those, WAGO for sure and perhaps eaton

If that strain relief is made of some sort of thermo-adhesive lined (heatshrink?) material and the wires cut to a sensible length - the photo is clearly crap, it might not be as bad as it looks. Not as solid as a properly screwed cable clamp and housing, obviously.

I've seen a lot worse - hinges on how good the cord grip is, but even if that fails, you couldn't easily get a situation where a bare core emerges from the sleeve while the others are still connected, so minimal safety risk


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