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Wooden electrolytic capacitors

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Thought I’d seen it all. Came across this scanning a thread on another forum.


Audiophoolery at its finest! :-DD

I can't imagine how quickly these dry up. They probably need to be replaced every year.  :horse:
The whole site is gold. :-DD

The thing I find quite sad is that the individual in question actually has some pretty good skills and engineering ability looking at some of the other projects and creations.

But he's clearly as mad as a box of frogs at the same time.

Some more gold, or quartz:

"They will sound much better than before!"
Yes, I'm sure that's true -- when you knock them against each other as a percussion instrument, for example.  ;)

The Soulman:
I appreciate the arts and crafts, but dude.....  :palm:


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