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Yes, the Sion comes with a plantation of moss in your car.

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(In German, us the translation service of choice)

Still in early prototype state, don't expect delivery for another 2 years.

(My comment: Or maybe rather "never"?)

OK, so maybe it's a good idea putting solar panels on the sides as well as the top. But moss in the aircon system?

And that plug-in lead on the front of the car looks suspiciously slender. Presumably the charge rate tops out at about 500W...?

It offers bi-directional charging, i.e. you could plug in your portable TV set or home into it. Maybe that's just a standard 220V connect in front of the car.
(I have one, too. Inside the car, though.)

Good news!
IPO for up to 184 million USD in the making.

So at least they can now raise their wages and will still have some* (* a lot of) money left, when going down.

Sono needs another 200 million cash. After burning through prepayments and IPO money, that is...

(In German only, sorry)

This seems so much easier than robbing a bank!


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