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Zero distortion amplifier

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The manufacturer meant "unmeasureable distortion" but did not state that.
When my underlings tried to put "zero" in a specification for a non-integer parameter, I told them that "zero is a pious wish, not a spec".
During a similar era to the advertisements, I measured the distortion of a transistor RIAA preamplifier circuit using a decent Heathkit solid-state decade-switched generator (Bridged-Tee oscillator) and an old Hewlett Packard vacuum-tube distortion analyzer (Wien bridge to null the fundamental).  Connecting the generator directly to the analyzer gave approximately 0.1% THD, within spec for the Heathkit.  Connecting the generator through an attenuator to the preamplifier, which then drove the analyzer, gave approximately 0.07% THD.  Therefore, the amplifier must have had negative distortion.  Of course, the low-pass filtration of the RIAA network was responsible for cleaning up the output of the Heathkit somewhat.


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