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Zero point energy device patent?


While searching for conversion of electromagnetic energy into electric energy, I've ran into this patent:

'A system is disclosed for converting high frequency zero point electromagnetic radiation energy to electrical energy.'

Now, there's a lot of stuff in the Patent that I don't understand, but what are your thoughts?

Searching for zero point energy leads me here:

And it seems to be something from quantum physics.

So, is that patent something like one of those free energy videos, or a genuine scientific attempt to extract something that does/might exist?
Quote from wiki:
"Physics currently lacks a full theoretical model for understanding zero-point energy"

So I assume this is not one of those fields that were researched for thousands of years.

Edit: Related articles: "Quantum vacuum", I have heard this mentioned with some free energy stuff.
But, if we go into the description of it:

--- Quote ---The quantum vacuum state or simply quantum vacuum refers to the quantum state with the lowest possible energy.
--- End quote ---

Lowest possible energy doesn't sound like a good source of energy, could it be? I'm ignorant to quantum physics.

It appears to be an RF antenna.  Which, by the way, is exactly what you appear to be searching for (depending on which end of the electromagenetic spectrum you are interested in).


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