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Any Circuit Design Comapanies using EAGLE?

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I'm after a electronic design company that uses EAGLE to assist me with some low-quantity, simple design work.

So far all of the local design companies I have contacted don't use EAGLE.

Does anyone here know or work for such a company?

I had to use it once to fix up a customers design, but there'd have to be a serious reason for me to do that again.
It really isn't suitable for "professional" design houses. Of the dozens of R+D companies I've dealt with over many
years, I've never come across any that use it. Maybe your best bet is to check what uni's, colleges, schools?
There are many that use it on this forum, so hopefully you'll get a better response. Good hunting.

Thanks for taking the time to reply digsys.

I've posted on the EAGLE forum now too - hopefully someone there sees it :).


Got some replies there - looks like the place to ask :).


--- Quote from: ShaunLeeClarke on July 25, 2012, 09:52:33 pm ---Got some replies there - looks like the place to ask :).
--- End quote ---
Good news. The things with forums, or any "public" place, is LUCK. Sometimes, you'll put up a post and receive dozens+
replies, or it gets hijacked :-) and then you'll put up the same post again 2-3 times and get nothing. It's pure luck.
The probability that enough "suitable" people just happen to be on-line at that time. Few people will scroll back days
to see what's been posted, and there's nothing bad about that, so it gets lost. Motto: if you don't succeed try again


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