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KiCad is the most likely path forward, since it is the most common route for we former Eagle users.

My suspicions are that (for versions modern enough to be autodesk ones) the free eagle version, activated then put in offline mode, would work fine forever past the shut-off date. But you'd never be able to activate extra copies on new computers after that date.

Ultimately people are going to have to switch to something else. Jumping through hoops may kick the can down the road a bit but sooner or later one is going to have to face the inevitable.

Loved eagle due to how lightweight it was (pre Autodesk). Perfect for a quick dirty board. No need to thinker that much with complex component database is actually a plus here.

Oh well, KiCAD it is now going forward

Yup, the day has finally come, sort of... I think the only thing to do is vote with our feet and go somewhere else, then maybe they'll get the idea. For me I'm switching to Altium they're all over this and offering $995/year for EAGLE users: altium.com/go-altium


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