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Hi friends hope you all are doing well.

I faced a one problem in autorouter in EAGLE

How to stop that trace going through polygon?

I already make polygon where I want, then I started the autorouter, the traces are passing through the polygon |O. How do I disable it ? I attached a reference picture below.

Can anyone please help me .

Thanks  :)

It would help, if you gave the version of Eagle you are using.

Looking at your design, it appears you may have forgotten to name the net/signal for the polygon.  If it is GND, then give it that name.  There are a few ways to do that.  Most obvious is to use the "name" tool.

If that is not the case, what is its name and the names of the signals that "go through it? 

Hi sir thanks for your reply

I'm using 9.5.1 version.

You are correct the polygon is "GND", also I named it.

but in autorouting process the traces are passing through it, then I click the ratsnest the clearance make between trace and polygon.

Typically I'm new to EAGLE. I dont know how this happened? Is this happened in your experience sir?


I have attached a snippet of your PCB.  The isolated pad in the lower right is suspicious.  If it is also GND, then it should be connected to the pour, with or without thermals for heat isolation.

Double check that the pour is actually a signal.  In the command box: "show GND" (don't use quotes)   That should highlight everything named ground.  Two other attachments for a board I did recently are shown.  One, "no pour" shows the board design.  The other with pour is a similar area with ratsnest done.  Note incorporation of ground pads into the pour and isolation of traces that are not part of the GND plane.  That's normal.

My pcb's tend to be so complex it would be impossible to not go through copper pours.

If you cant stop it then instead of a copper pour just put down a large copper track connected to GND and that wont be invaded.


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