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a question about Cadsoft Eagle and Gerber generation.

Is there a way to limit the Gerber output to the board size?
On some of the library parts (mostly SUB-D connectors) the silkscreen extend over the board dimension.
I could edit the library's but that is some work.

Not any way I know of, short of editing the parts. I've never done a layout in which I didn't have to create or at least edit library parts. You can create a script to edit gerbers directly, but that is also some work. ;)

Removing the silkscreen in the library is not that hard, but a bit annoying.
(Especially if I forget to backup&restore the originals.)

So let's see first if the cheap PCB service also accepts the files with too large silk screens.
Then there is the question if they'll actually manufacture a PCB at the limit (6mil) of their specs.

When I have parts that do that, I move the offending segments to another layer like Measures or Document.  Most of my self-generated components have the same convention so I can just enable one of those layers to see the foot prints, but then leave it out of the gerbers.

Doh! Copy & Paste.

Or since it is Eagle: Group & Cut & Copy & Group & Change Layer


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