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Can you buy old copies of Eagle, eg pre7.5.0?

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We wish to buy Eagle PRO PCB layout software, but not the one on Autodesk which you have to pay $500/yr for...we want to do one payment and thats it.
Is this possible?
How much is it?

No. Autodesk own Eagle, their software, their rules.

Otherwise, http://eagle.autodesk.com/eagle/software-versions/7 but I've no idea how you would buy a license for it and the (limited) freeware version is for non-profit.

P.S.  https://www.eevblog.com/forum/eagle/eagle-license-for-7-7-0/


--- Quote from: Gyro on June 02, 2023, 12:58:15 pm ---No. Autodesk own Eagle, their software, their rules.

--- End quote ---

True as far as the current version is concerned -- if Autodesk want to sell subscription-based licenses only, that's their decision to make. But they cannot prohibit the re-sale of an old permanent license to my knowledge, provided that the prior owner does indeed stop using their copy of Eagle.

Finding an old license for sale is going to be difficult though. We have seen a couple of enquiries on the forum, and I don't recall a single "Yes, I can offer you mine" response. Here is one example where the OP did eventually buy an old V5 version somewhere else: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/buysellwanted/wtb-cadsoft-eagle-license-4-1-and-newer/

I have a license of Eagle Pro 7 that I'm not likely to use anymore. But neither should you. Instead of perpetuating the use of decaying software that eventually leads to a SaaS company, learn to use Kicad. It's a painful process, I really disliked having to do it after 15 years of using Eagle, but now no one can remotely stop my PCBA software from working through accident or intention.

Do you know how similar the current Autodesk Eagle is to Eagle 6.5.0?


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