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DRC [not really] gone nuts

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So Eagle has suddenly decided that the DRC rules don't apply - I'm getting hundreds of errors about the widths of traces being too small (at 3.5mil) even though the settings are set to allow that...

I also noticed that if I start to route a wire, it wants to do it at 6mil, and if I go to change it to 3.5 mil from the pulldown, it refuses the change and puts it back to 6mil...

It was perfectly ok with all of this yesterday - but apparently something changed. Is there some option I might be missing that says "override the DRU" ?

Kicad looking more and more appealing, but this is a relatively complex design (I'm up to 11 pages of schematic now) and I didn't want to jump into a new CAD package with that sort of project...

[edit, about 5 minutes after posting the above (of course)]

Leaving this as a warning to posterity - never assume there isn't a PEBCAK...

Yesterday I was working on the BGA side of this, today I imported parts of another design, and apparently merged my net-class lists during the import - I do recall a warning dialogue or two, but it didn't twig at the time... The minimum size of the default net-class on the other project was 6mil, and so everything on the board that was narrower than that was immediately flagged.

Changing the net-class rule for the default net was all that was required...

Which version of EAGLE?

9.6.2, but as mentioned in the edit, it was my own fault. And as is tradition, I figured that out just after posting about it :)

If you haven't learned yet, read about "restring."  That name is deceptive, but it is quite useful when doing a design.  I am stuck on EAGLE 7.x, which can do anything I've ever wanted to do.  I have a paid version and never updated.  Something about actually having the program on my disk appeals to me.


It's funny - I was looking for my 7.x license today so I could have something when the online license runs out. I'm not giving them any more money if they're not updating the application....

Anyway, turns out I can't find my license file for 7.x (got 4.x, 6.x, but not 7.x), so my 7.x key is pretty useless...

I'll give restring a look - it triggers a bell at the back of my mind, but I only use Eagle intermittently, so sometimes things fall out of primary cache :)


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