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Drill file in gerbers


When i do the Excellon drill file to send with the output job, i click on "drills" and "holes"....but not "drilllegend".
I notice that when i   have old drilllegend marks on the PCB, these dont get sent with the "drills" and "holes" layers in the gerbers.
This is fortunate, but is there any problem with having the old drillegend marks on the PCB?

Are you asking about plated holes and non-plated holes?  Yes, there is a difference: https://community.element14.com/products/eagle/f/eagle-user-support-english/29850/drill-legend

Please give your version of EAGLE.

I have never worried about that difference and use vias when I want a via and drills when I want a non-plated drilled hole.  OSHPark has or had a discussion about creating plated holes or any other shape, e.g., ovals for soldering tabs.  One uses its CAM processor to get the proper Gerbers.  I asked JLCPCB, and its customer service person told me how to do it with layers that weren't available in Version 7.x  My follow up question got no response.  Others on the forum have suggested other ways, but provided no evidence.  So, for me, if I really want plated ovals, I go to Oshpark.  I believe that may be the one thing Autodesk fixed.


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