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Duplicating Connections in a Library (Single Component)

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I am somewhat of a newbie to Eagle and I am trying to make a modified rcl library (resistors capacitors and inductors) so that I can make better looking schematic.  In a new duplicated version of rcl (so that I won't mess up any of the original stuff),  I went ahead and made shortened symbols  and duplicated devices from 0.3" to 0.1" and 0.2" legnth to fit between pins of an IC symbol.  All was going well......until I noticed after I deleted the old symbol and put in my modified symbol ALL the connections in the packages were gone.  I looked in the .ulp's for anything that looked like it could be of use and could not find any.  Does anyone know if there is a .ulp, .scr, or other method to assign the same connections to all 5 zillion of the component packages without going nthrough and doing it all manually?  Also, I can't really write a ulp or a scr since my programming skills are virtually nil and programming like that annoys the heck out of me. If if I have to do  the connections manually though... :(:=\

Thank you!

What version of Eagle?

I use 7.2.0/7.7.0.    You can label the duplicate pins (say ground) GND@1... 
In the device dialog, you can select "any" or "all" for the connections.  The "all" requires all to be connected.  "Any" requires at least one to be connected, but you can connect all, if you wish.

I am using version 7.7.0 standard.

Go to "Help" and search on "connect any."

Here's a faked example where there are two VDD's:[attachimg=1]

I set them as "any" (note the lack of connections).  If set as "all" (default), the green blobs would be connected.  Click on it to convert to "any." 

Hope that helps.

Maybe I wasn't being very clear, what I am thrying to do is take the same connections for one package and duplicate them for a every other package without having to do it all manually.  so that I can have a all the packages with duplicated connections.  The check marked ones have correct connections but it would be very laborius to go through every single package and keep doing the connect connect ok buttons, if not simple.  Also I have written a little script, but it only seems to do the package selected, although I will experiment and respond if I get it to work for every package in a device. The script goes like this: "connect 1 1 2 2;".  There are also ulp's for running scripts through the entire deviceset in a library and all that, but after I run that on my library just runs itself but the devices are apparently unchanged.   


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