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Eagle control panel pane sizing

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Strange, I do not have this ControlPanel.Splitter.Sizes in my file.
I will try and add this part, and see what that gives.

When I add ControlPanel.Splitter.Sizes = "1000 1151" no effect is shown on start up.
When closing Eagle this file does get saved (I see the time of last saving being updated to current time).

It seems as if Eagle does not read that line.

However when I change for example ControlPanel.View.AutoOpenProjectFolder = "1" to a 0 then the project folder indeed is not opened. And vice versa.

I have this version running on another 2 computers, one Windows 7, the other Windows 8.1: the same issue on each one of them. So I guess a bug in version 7.6.0?

I have an educational license for the professional version, how should I proceed to get professional version 7.6.1?

normally you could download v7.7:
install and activate with your license-file.
On Win10 I have to run eagle.exe the first time as administrator to be able to activate.


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