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How can the Eagle control panel pane sizing be set per user preferences? When opening Eagle my left pane is consistently too small (see picture attached). How can this be set so that upon starting Eagle a different left pane size can be set in the control panel?

works for v7.7:
- start eagle, no schematic+ board open, only control panel
- resize only control panel as you wish
- place/drag the vertical window-splitter, so that you get the desired witdh for the main-part (with the libraries)
- menupoint options --> window-positions-> save
- close eagle, start eagle again and check wether the window-positions are saved and restored (ok) or not (bad, but than I can't help).

Hi, thank you for your reply! But no succes.
My version: 7.6.0 in windows 10.

I also tried this:
in eagle.exe properties, compatibility modus
1. modus Windows 7: no result
2. High DPI settings change: high DPI scaling ignore and scale according to "system". No result, but finer print on my 4k monitor (better use of 4k).
3. execute as administrator: no result

Then tried with one project "opened", no result.
Tried in reduced total window size (not full screen): no result

Then checked eagle.scr for possible adaptations: could notsee anything obvious, but I have no idea how to configure that anyway.

>My version: 7.6.0 in windows 10.
advice: upgrade to v7.7 (last version with the same license code as v7.6). Only some minor bugfixes, but whynot.

>Then checked eagle.scr for possible  ...
false file.
Look at c:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\CadSoft\EAGLE\eaglerc.usr
This file is saved on every eagle-exit and should have the time-stamp from your last eagle-exit.
Maybe there are multiple versions of this file?
you need read/write-access for this file. (run eagle as administrator?)

The window-positions are stored at the end of the file (only updated if I go to control panel -->  options --> window-positions-> save).
Example from my eaglerc.usr (lines from 408...415):
Window.Brd.Loc = "0 0 1365 727"
Window.Brd.State = "1"
Window.Epf.Loc = "0 0 1455 887"
Window.Epf.State = "2"
Window.Lbr.Loc = "0 0 1919 1000"
Window.Lbr.State = "1"
Window.Sch.Loc = "0 0 1365 727"
Window.Sch.State = "1"

The line Window.Epf.Loc = "0 0 1455 887" codes the control-panel-window position/size.

Hi, thanks for your response!

Under c:/Program Files(x86)/EAGLE-7.6.0/scr I have eagle.scr but no eaglerc.scr
And it does not get updated on eagle closure, even after "Windows/Save" and/or File/Save All

But that is the one file used on start-up: when I change for example the Grid Size, it is followed ok after start-up.


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