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Eagle DRU and CAM - files not showing up to disk


I'm using Eagle 5.12.0 with Windows 10 and noticed very weird problem and wonder if anyone else have had similar and now how to fix it.

Reason I'm using that old Eagle with Windows 10 is that it's the latest my license allows and since everything else works I haven't had seen any reason to update since I missed the ship before Autodesk took over.

But to the actual problem. If I load the DRU - file in layout editor and then save it with another name, Eagle sees it and is able to load it if I restart Eagle, but if I open Windows Explorer(same with command prompt) it cannot see that file. It's listed in 'recent files', but when I try to access it it says that 'could not find this item'.  Also if I make new DRU - file in Windows Explorer, Eagle does not see it so clearly there is disconnect somewhere. If I try to copy the file even in Open - dialog it does not work. It says same as trying to access the 'recent files' ie. "Could not find this item".

I mean it's not problem yet, but it would be nice to be able to take backups on those files. Schematic and Board - files work just fine and also ULP - files works okay so if I make new ULP - file it shows up in load dialog for ULP's.  So DRU and CAM - files are only one affected.

Anyone else had this issue and were you able to fix it and how?

Quarlo Klobrigney:
Windows 7 was bad enough about where you save and retrieve files from "you do not have permission" etc.
I have no knowledge of Windoze 10 nor do I wish to.

Check where you are saving the DRU file that it is a non-protected folder. For that matter where Eagle is installed.

I still use Win 7 with Eagle in the root of C: just to end such Microsoft drama!

The thing is that I've used that location for years and years and just now noticed that problem. I don't know what it has changed. I've installed Eagle to default location it suggest when installing it. Still interesting why it would be able to access those files, but I can't see them with windows explorer although I am admin and I have 'show hidden' files enabled as well.

But I'll be damn. Moved Eagle to C-root and now it's working. Must have been some update that changed that because it's been working find at some point. Oh well, now I can backup those files. Thanks!

Quarlo Klobrigney:
 :) Good Deal!


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