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Eagle Free or is it ?

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Hi All

Pls move this if it is the wrong place.

I did listen to theamphour and the did lead me to the  makezine.com/live ep01 [youtube][/youtube]

Collin Cunningham did explain abut how the MidiVox was made with Cadsoft EAGLE.

Is it just me that get the impression that it was made by the free version ?

If that the case is that ok ?
--- Quote ---If you earn (or save) money by using the Freeware version of EAGLE Light, you have to register it.
--- End quote ---
and you can buy the MidiVox here http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKNB1

What is your opinion about it ?

There's a free version which has restrictions: maximum board size of 100mm by 80mm, two layers and schematics are limited to one sheet.

There's a warez crack available but I've heard problems with opening files using a pirate copy so do so at your own risk.

I use KiCad which is completely free of restrictions ans is open source.

I was thinking in the lines off "some one" is earning money. From a version that it is not allowed to.   

Technically/legally this is a very valid point, and I'm sure I mentioned it on some episode of the Amp Hour.

From my point of view I see the free version of Eagle as actually being unsuitable for open source hardware as it is being predominately used and promoted for.
Why?, because ANYONE who manufacturers a product using the free version of eagle, even if the original designer "gave away" that design by making it open source is technically violating the terms and conditions and using the software illegally. I presume that also includes the Gerbers generated using the free version also.
And of course the entire open source hardware industry is built around companies who sell the kits which includes the PCB.

But it seems no one wants to discuss it or clarify it, so they just ignore it.


I think that someone (TheAmpHour) had mentioned that CadSoft may have also to give away a completely free version of Eagle, because some other company released it;s similar software.

Am I right? I can;t recall the name of the software or the company;s. Any hints?


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