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My first eagle project, trying to make a tic tac toe PCB:

Here is what i want: (the lines were made using mspaint)

And here is what i have:

I been trying for a while and can get it the way i want :(

Sometimes you just can't route it single sided and need jumpers. Upload the .sch and .brd files and I'll see how far I can get with it.

How do you plan to control each LEDs output? In eagle you have to use nets not wires.

You can see the airwires in his screen cap, he's netted everything, he just need to route it all.

Taking a look at it quickly, do you mind of the 'red wire' leds are turned around?  You might be able to route everything if they are turned around 180.  You just have to remember when placing the components that those LED's are backwards.

I gave it a go, and barely got it on a single side.
You'll want to clean it up or redo it, but it's possible. ;)


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