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I know that people like to say that with schematic and PCB design tools you can pick the right part and then if you change which form factor of package you use and it will automatically adjust the pins... but...

For a lot of things, escpecially prototype PCBs, it would be very useful to have an eagle library of generic common packages with just numbered (rather than purpose described) pins which one could use for PCB footprints. Things like: a generic SOIC-8, DIP-14, SOT23-6, TSSOP-20, SO-16, TQFP-32, SOD-323, TO-92, T-1 3/4, ... All the common surface mount and through hole packages in all the common numbers of pins they have.

Again, I know it is not how the tutorials want one to work, but, is there such a library available anywhere? Just like one can already easily put in a generic 0603 cap and then specify its value, a way to put in a generic such-and-such pin-count device in so-and-so form factor without having to go through all the work of defining a new device and library for it.
Thank you

Have you tried "ic-package" in the library?  They are generic and numbered, but the numbers follow the conventional standard.

EDIT:  Caution: Always check a library versus the actual device datasheet.  Otherwise, you may end up asking something to the effect of how do I solder  manufacturer X SOIC8 onto this library's SOIC8 pads.

Here is one that I have.  Maybe it will help.  I would still suggest you use these as a starting point for building a part.

It hasn't semed to help, the libraries only seemd to add typical DIP and SIP layouts, no SMD parts visible in them as far as I could tell. Has anyone got some libraries which do have all the common SMD IC sizes too?

I don't think you have looked very hard.  Here is just a small snippet from my 7.xx Eagle libraries:

Also Adafruit and Sparkfun have libraries you can download with SMD packages.


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