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Eagle License for 7.7.0

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Autodesk maintains them http://eagle.autodesk.com/eagle/software-versions/1

I'd suggest switching to KiCad though at this point. ;D

In 2021-06 autodesk tried to buy Altium. (Which is after this thread started) This indicates they themselves do not see a bright future for Eagle. Autodesk also has a long history of buying up companies, then taking out some small part and letting the rest die. I don't know what their real intentions with eagle are.

I personally won't touch software from that company. I've seen their latest cad/cam combination become popular, lots of people investing their time and effort to learn it and even create tutorials, and as a result autodesk cripples the "free" version to a point it's nearly unusable. I use FOSS software exclusively, (So it's naturally KiCad for me) and I also donate more to them than I ever paid for commercial software, but only after I've tried some software package for an extended period of time and like it.


They are still heavily working on the Fusion 360 Electrical implementation.
(meaning it changes every few months)



Eagle CAD is dead.


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