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--- Quote from: Karel on October 06, 2022, 09:47:46 pm ---Eagle CAD is dead.

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We have all suspected that for awhile.  Today, I got an email from Autodesk -- it must have gotten my address in its acquisition of Eagle. :(

--- Quote ---You've been identified as a contact for a perpetual license of EAGLE for electronics design. The perpetual EAGLE license you currently own is yours and that will not change. Autodesk however will no longer create or supply any additional copies of license files that allow EAGLE to be moved to another computer. (EDIT: Not really needed.  My license file is on a floppy and worked fine with a new build a few years ago.]

Autodesk is committed to bringing the best solutions and experiences to our customers and have been working hard on an integrated PCB design workflow in Fusion 360.

The result - a complete product development process on a single platform that integrates PCB design with the product development process. Fusion 360 accepts all EAGLE files in order to move into the new environment to continue to build better and smarter products.

The Electronics workspace in Fusion 360 offers full-featured and complete electronic design and manufacturing tools, true 3D PCB design, advanced routing modes, design versioning, ODB++ output along with integrated electromechanical workflows.

--- End quote ---
The word, "Eagle" appears nowhere in my links to Fusion 360.

oh I just got the same email, I politely replied to Shannon that its a good thing my 7.7 license works wherever I install it and I've long since moved to a competitors product so I dont need your cloud locked web garbage  :-DD



7.7 still runs (pretty snappy too) on my M1 Max. Not that I've started it up in months except to check whether it still ran.

V7.70 was the last good version.


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