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Does anyone know if there is a way to upgrade capabiltites from the freeware version of Eagle 7.7.0 to the "Standard" version where you can do more than 100x80mm 2 layer etc.? I think the "Standard" license capabilties were something like 160x100mm or someting and 4 layer, etc.  My main concern is the board size limitation were you can't go any bigger than about 3"x4".  I will not get a subscription, since i do not want anything that cannot pay for once and be done with.  I would vastly prefer not switching to KiCad or anything else due to the learning curve and I am already established in Eagle.    Thank you for any help!

I tried to buy the full/professional/ultimate version of Eagle V7 but somehow, Autodesk doesn't like my money.
I had many discussions and they preferred I switched to another CAD instead of selling me an older version of Eagle.

I have an eagle 7.7.0 standard lifetime license and i bought one for the newer version (expired after one year). I did almost all the work on the 7.7.0 version and when I had to place components outside the minimum area I did in on the newer version. There is backwards compatibility for files.
I just don't like the colors on the new version and the fact that is made for big screens. Less working area and the tool bars look bigger on the small screens

Isn't 7.7 already the online version?
Then just buy fusion 360, you get eagle license "for free".

7.7 is the last real version.


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