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Has anyone tried to mil PCBs from eagle? For now I just export PNG and mil it in Estlcam.. which is really stupid. Is there any useful ULP? I was not successful with dxf.ulp


Flatcam seems to look like the current best free option. http://flatcam.org/

It allows for pre milling height mapping and tweakage of the GCode and handles drill and track files on single or double sided. Plenty of youtube videos out there on how to drive it.

A long time ago I used: outlines.ulp
- it creates a HPGL-file, wich you can import into most CAM/CNC-software
- make 1x "ratsnest" before (to have all polygons filled)
- DRC: set minimum width + distance to 0.3mm
- set grid to mm
- run ULP "outlines.ulp"
- choose device: HPGL
- choose width: 0.29mm
- choose layer: bottom / top
- set file-extension to *.plt
The width/distance values depend on your equipment.
For the drills/holes you can use the standard CAM-export with layers 44+45 and device set to Excellon/SM3000.
remark: all info vaild for eagle 6.x + 7.x, not tested with newer autocad eagle.

Other possibilities:
There is also the ULP "mill-outlines" with more settings, but no experience with that.
Also on https://groups.io/g/pcbgcode  you can find the project "pcb-gcode" with even more settings, but again no experience with that.


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