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Eagle Premium no longer included with Fusion for hobbyists?

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Admittedly, I don't quite understand the issue with early Eagle.  Making oval pads is easy and has been available for a long time (even teardrop pads are possible). It's the plated slot per se.  I had communications with JLCPCB about it, and its requirement for a particular Gerber layer wasn't met.  Oshpark developed its own/modified CAM processor to create them, and as usual, the boards from Oshpark were perfect.  It's just an additional hoop to go through. 

Thanks for the prompt reply.

EDIT: @ebastler
Yes, I have been told that here.  So, I submitted Gerbers made that way to JLCPCB and never heard back from it.  Rather than take a chance, I went the sure route to Oshpark.

Strange; I have definitely had JLCPCB manufacture several of these Eagle-generated boards. The slots, whether plated or not, were all defined in the milling/outline layer, I believe. I can check my archived files if that's of interest!

Yes, I would be interested in those details. 

I tried a lot of things to view the Eagle gerbers and nothing (except the ones made by Oshpark) convinced me the slots would be plated.  The most important ones were signal tabs from an Omega TC socket, but mounting tabs were also wanted.

I have attached two screenshots from a Gerber viewer. The GML milling layer includes all slots and large circular holes -- some plated, some non-plated. The second screenshot shows it overlaid with the top copper layer (GTL).

The slots which are surrounded by copper (the longish ones near the right board edge, as well as the near-circular ones to the left) were produced as plated slots. The large round holes were produced non-plated, since they are surrounded by a copper-free area.

No idea why the slots to the right are shown as fully milled-out, while the others are defined by contours only. There was no particular reason for that, as I recall, and it does not make a difference in what JLCPCB manufafctured.

That is interesting.  Thank you for finding and posting those screenshots.  I was using EasyLogix.de as my Gerber viewer. 

I will save your post and use it as a guide with my next version of that board.


Edit:  Just FYI.  Here's a link to the Oshpark comments about slots.  It has been considerably updated since is did that board that needed slots.


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