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Eagle Standard + Fusion360 $100USD Per Year

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As another data point - I recently (January 2021) renewed "Fusion 360 with EAGLE Standard 1 Year Subscription" for $140 (AUD), same as I paid last year.  I.e. it didn't go up.

And the eternal question - why pay for Eagle when Kicad is free?  I use Eagle professionally, for designing my own products and in consulting for clients.  I like Fusion 360, think it's easily worth $140/year, and so effectively I'm getting Eagle Standard for free.  It does more than what I need, and works well for me.  And I've found the Eagle / Fusion 360 workflow to be very useful.  Many products have enclosures, after all.

Note that I'm using Eagle standalone, not the electronics thingy built into F360.  My schematics, layouts and libraries are on my own PC and laptop, not reliant on someone else's cloud.  Except that I version control using git, which works nicely with Eagle because they're text files - change a component value and it's a one line change in the commit.  So I backup to the cloud, and use git to synchronise my various devices.  All smooth.

Really, for $140/year, I have no complaints.  So why not renew?

Maybe the price will go up in future.  Maybe my needs will change.  I'll deal with it then.

Thanks David. My thoughts exactly - the Git scenario looks useful. I use Onedrive to manage my offsite backups.

Just a warning -- if you let this lapse they won't honor the renewal. I had mine set to autorenew via Paypal . The link between Paypal and the Autodesk payment processor was broken (I deleted all of my PayPal auto payments last year some time) and the renewal didn't go through. Two weeks later Autodesk sent me a notice that my renewal was cancelled. I contacted support and they helpfully and politely told me to get stuffed and pay retail when I asked to renew it at the old rate. No chance to correct any issues.


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