Author Topic: In eagle cad the wire size of the copper pour also sets the thermal trace size?  (Read 1742 times)

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Re Eagle cad copper pour wire size.

I was penalizing some boards and I set the copper pour wire size to zero to allow for easy placement, then I found that all the thermal wires had become zero.

So obviously that's the wrong work flow, but is there an easy way to stop the copper pour extending beyond the size of the dimension layer?
or is it just a mater of having to pulling the copper pour back from the edge of the dimension layer?


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Hello Hazzer,

I hope you're doing well. In the DRC > Distances > Copper/Dimension parameter. This parameter controls how close the polygons can get to the dimension layer( aka edge of your board). This would be the correct way to pull copper away from the edge.

With that said, zero width polygons are in general not a good idea, they generate tons of CAM data with little benefit. Our rule of thumb for polygon width is use the largest with that will give you acceptable polygon resolution. As you have also discovered the width of the polygon controls the thermal connection, if you need a thicker thermal connection you can just draw in the wires manually.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Jorge Garcia
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Hi,copper pour wire size is thermal wire size. But copper pour wire size has nothing to do with placement. Set "orphans off" then the copper pour is limited with the dimension layer, as long as there are no devices (pads) outside the dimension layer.

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