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--- Quote from: james_s on December 01, 2021, 10:44:17 pm ---Lots of people effectively do exactly that by leasing a car. Personally it's something I would never even consider, every time I've bought a car I've handed over a wad of cash and walked away with the signed paperwork and the keys, I have a severe allergy to recurring payments and avoid them whenever possible.

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There are various reasons to lease capital equipment.  For cars used in business, I believe it is often the artificial difference in accounting between operating expenses and capital expenses.  For personal use, it is ego (driving a new car) or ignorance.


--- Quote ---That's still a lot cheaper than Altium
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I didn't buy Altium because it was cheap. It's a lot of bang for the buck, but significantly it doesn't need Altium to run, isn't tied to a specific machine, doesn't need a license server, doesn't get forced updates. I'm happy to pay for stability (OK, I'd prefer it cheaper, but one has to be reasonable).

So your $800/yr would make Altium cheap after 3 years (depending on if you got the cheap deal or not). But Altium is one hell of a bigger bang than FusionPCB will be. There are people using seriously old Altium still, but there will be no-one using old Fusion360.


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