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how to merge silkscreen layers

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Dear All,

I want to merge my silkscreen layers, I see that some library parts have different layers assigned to their silkscreen drawings and I want to merge it into one layer so the manufacturer does it correctly.
Can it be done ? is there any risk in having the silkscreen over a pad or via ? maybe that is the reason for having different layers I dont know...

This is done with the Gerber export in the CAM Processor.  You will create named sections and you can have multiple layers selected for that section.

It would probably be helpful to look at some folks cam scripts.  The on for DorkBotPDX is a good example:

The script is in the "How to submit your order" section, but I'll link here as well:

With your board loaded, do File -> CAM Processor.

You should have the CAM Processor Window now.  Do File -> Open -> Job...   And select wherever you saved the .cam from Laen.

Now you will have many sections.  Notice how Silk Screen CMP will have Dimension, tPlace, tNames selected.  If you want more, just select it.  Once you get the Job how you like it, save it so you have it next export.  The same goes for all layers and you can add some for whatever.

I don't believe there is any risk having silk screen over pads or vias.  All board fabs I've seen will only print silk screen on the areas that are also solder masked.

Thanks sacherjj,

That's something I used a while ago, but now some manufacturers are starting to accept .brd file formats (from eagle) to me the CAM is an art on it's on, someday I'll have to sit down and learn it.I want things done the way I want.

Thanks !


--- Quote ---I want things done the way I want.
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In that case you should pass your manufacturer gerber files, and not rely on them "matching" the processing that you would do to generate the gerber files.  If a manufacturer accepts EAGLE .BRD files, it almost certainly means little more than that they have a copy of EAGLE, a standard CAM job, and a person that knows how to use them to generate the gerber files at their site...

Unless you have a copy of their CAM file, the BRD isn't enough to certify that how YOU interpret the board is how THEY interpret the board.


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