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How to select a signal trace in PCB and save it as SCR ?


I convert a design in gEDA ( https://github.com/gabriel-tenma-white/sdr5 )  to Eagle manually.

I delete some traces(DQ20~31,DM3,DQS3N) by miss operation in new design(and add some signals).

Can i select the missing signal Trace  in old project's PCB , conert them to scr  and  load  in  new project?

I have used freerouting  few years ago .  Freerouting  export routed  layout to scr which can be loaded form eagle  . 

How to convert selected singal in eagle to scr?

I find a methord to recover the missing signal:

I   find the signal difinition elements in old brd file  , copy the block  to new project's brd

BORD DDR signals are syn with sch.


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