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Andree Henkel:
Hallo, is there a trick, that you can design a layout symbol in eagle such that you can move its polarity indicator (of a electrolytic cap) or pin 1 indicator for IC in layout?
Like you can move the designator and value?


--- Quote --- can move its polarity indicator (of a electrolytic cap) or pin 1 indicator for IC in layout
--- End quote ---

Typically, those identifiers are in the "device" and are part of the design of the package or symbol.  You can move them in the appropriate editors, but not when working on the schematic or board, so far as I know. See attached example (symbol).  In other words, the device is "fixed."

Edit: On further thought.  You could omit the polarity from the symbol and include it with name or value, but that may look odd.
Edit2: If you delete it from symbol or package and add as text to the PCB, it might accomplish what you want.  I would be sure it didn't mess up ERC.

Changing polarity indicators in the design seems like a very error prone activity. I don't know how your library is organized or who is assembling your board. But polarity indicators are already a popular source for trouble. Even without such hacks you need to be extra careful with these.

I'm suspecting there is a better solution for whatever problem you actually want to solve. It's called "library" for a reason :)

Since the OP has not responded, I assumed the reason was to put the polarity sign in a more convenient place on the PCB, just as one rearranges names/labels to be readable.  I concur that one needs to be careful.  Eagle only allows limited choices for pins (attached).  For polarized caps, the choice is passive, which means Eagle ignores the "+" sign.  It is just like any other text.  I suggested ERC, but I suspect that would not catch a cap labeled backward.

In any event, if it is just for convenience, I can see occasionally wanting to do that, but I would make it an alternative device of the same name.  Nevertheless, there apparently is a way to do it. 

Eagle may be woefully dated by current standards, but I have rarely if ever wanted to do something that I could not do with it.  My version are 7.x.

Andree Henkel:
Yes, making an individual layout symbol for this instances works.
But that is actually what I wanted to avoid.

I have been tasked to create guidelines for our internal eagle library, so I wanted to find a way to do it.

Thanks anyone.


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