Author Topic: Eagle Questions 7.4.0 and 6.5.0  (Read 846 times)

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Eagle Questions 7.4.0 and 6.5.0
« on: June 03, 2023, 01:53:46 pm »
I just put a via into the layout...named it to a signal, then tried to connect to it from that signal, but it wont connect...just get the yellow you know why it wont connect?
I dont know where it went now but an error message complained it couldnt connect it on two of the layers (its a 4 layer board).
In fact , i cant use a via to go from bottom to top says "cant set via to layer 16". Do you know whats wrong?

I was pasting lines into the eagle.scr file (to carry through my assigns)...but i thought i had deleted all my modifications.

So do you know why Eagle wont let me use vias?
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