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Does anyone know where I can get a library package for this device for use in the USA?   It is the device Dave uses for his precision voltage-controlled, current-controlled lab power supply.  I have never used this device before.    Yes, I'm aware the datasheet lists five different packages for this device.   No, I don't know which one(s) is/are available in the USA.       I do prefer through-hole if at all possible.

If no, maybe somebody can suggest a different device with an identical package?

Why not make a package yourself? It's pretty easy in eagle.

2011 is the year I made my first custom part in EAGLE.    So, yes, I guess that is an option.    Thank you for suggesting it.    Before I do that, I will first need to find out which particular package, if any, this device is available in in the USA, as there are three, five, or eight physical leads that need to be routed depending on which particular package is used, according to the Linear LT3080 datasheet.


Have you tried finding it at all?  :-\

Did you come right with the LT3080 footprint in the Eagle lbr? If not I have been using Eagle for over 10 years and will make one up for you if you want, for FREE :)


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