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Only CAM Output avaible, BRD and SHT lost



Little desaster happend:

Old project....
Open the shematic, modified it totally, designed a new board, making a CAM output for it..
Output was automatically saved, but forget to save the redesigned schematic/board... :palm: |O
Got only the old ones on harddisk...
Is it possible to regenerate it through the CAM output files ?

I thought Eagle forced a save before doing a CAM output.  Old version?  No backup files or anything generated?

No, last version and there was no message before generating the data.
So I think I must recreate it - Maybe by looking at the pcbs I´ve ordered a few days ago and they are already on their to me. :-X

(old version was simply a driving circuit for IGBTs used as a static switch. New version was a little bit tuned up, with 555 circuit and chooseable states)


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